The Retired Sergeants Association was formed in 1995 under the leadership of the late HAROLD KAMIEN.  The leadership of the Sergeants Benevolent Association at the time was egregiously anti-retiree.  Retired sergeants benefits were being eroded almost on a daily basis.  retired sergeants were not welcomed at the union office, and generally were poorly served by the union.  And finally the SBA leadership shut retired sergeants out of meetings.  There was no honest voice inside the SBA representing the retired sergeants.  The RSA tried unsuccessfully for years to move the SBA to a more positive attitude regarding it's retired members.  The RSA then used it's voice to inform retired as well as active members of the shortcomings of that administration.

In 2000, the RSA began a campaign of support of the candidates for President and Vice-President of the SBA; Ed Mullins and Bob Ganley.  In 2002, their candidacy was successful and the SBA became a more retiree friendly organization.  The RSA is now close associate of the SBA.  The RSA president is the SBA's retiree representative.  The RSA provides a sincere and honest voice within the SBA on behalf of retired sergeants.  We are also extremely active in the political arena.  We count many members of the City Council and State Legislature as friends.

The RSA, which started with a handful of members in 1995, today boasts a membership in the thousands with members residing in 49 states, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Europe.  We are very active in contacting our representatives to submit legislation that will benefit our membership.  We are in the forefront of providing accurate and current information to our membership.  Recently, we did extensive research on the "HR 218" issue, providing our member with bonafide and unquestioned entities to qualify our New York retirees under the federal law.  We are currently researching the issue in other non-HR218 friendly states.

The RSA provides service on a daily basis to our retired sergeants collectively and on an individual basis.  Our phone number and E-mail is available to members for securing information and/or assistance.  We publish Quaterly informative newsletters per year and hold 4 general meetings per year in various locations around the metropolitan area and in Florida.  We also maintain a website.  The executive board of the SBA are always in attendance at all our general membership meetings.  

The present leadership of the SBA is made up of honest and sincere individuals who's friendship we at the RSA appreciate.  Unfortunately, no one can predict the future so in the event that less than retiree friendly administration should take control of the union, you can be assured that a large and well financed RSA stand ready to protect our retired sergeants.

Working to Benefit all Retired Sergeants 

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